Have you ever wanted to travel to exciting, mysterious Africa, the place of legends and our human beginnings, a place where adventure is around each corner? Have you ever dreamed about seeing the wilderness up close, lions, elephants, zebras and the occasional rhino or giraffe? What about the fantastic historical links between Britain, Europe and Africa: sounds like a movie script, doesn't it? Perhaps the hustle and complexity of planning such an adventure has put your off - perhaps you have felt a bit insecure about this adventure, on your own or with your partner?
Not to worry!

Were born and bred Africans with a taste for travelling and exploring; we know the land and the rules of Africa - we are here to plan everything for you! You will be picked up and returned safely to your door, anywhere in Britain. (Other places in Europe and the Middle East can also be arranged). You will be accompanied and cared for at all times. Solafrican offers a tour tailored specifically to your needs and desires, your wishes and dreams, so that you can relax and enjoy your holiday thoroughly. A spirit of adventure is all you need to bring with you. Solafrican offers both single and small group tours, (from two to four). We will be there at all times to ensure your tour is a safe, secure and a fascinating fabulous journey!
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