Two of your guides in this adventure!
All our guides are experts in guaranteeing you a wonderful experience because we are all passionately African and adoring of Sub-Saharan Africa: Africa runs in our blood and permeates our soul.
We want to share this marvellous passion and love with you, safe and secure in the knowledge we are the best in our field.
Although we have five basic destinations we can and will take you anywhere in Sub-Saharan Africa because you are an individual and have your own dreams. Let us help you experience your own adventurous dream safely.
Single 3200 to 9200; double 5000 to 10225, (up to four in a group with descending prices please ask), depending on flights, destinations and personalised itinerary. We take care of everything including: flights, personalised itineraries and all bookings, pick up and drop off, personal constant attention and care, transport, dinner, bed and breakfast in gorgeous accommodation; entrance fees.

All drinks and lunch are responsibility of individual tourist.
Personal travel insurance must be purchased.
Price range for 11 days or longer:
We also do budget tours which include all of the above except the constant companionship of the tourguide. The costs are much lower. Please phone Diane and have a chat: you can have a deal as small as arranging itineraries for you. You will love our attention to detail and knowledge of Africa to give you the best experience ever.
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